“Be prepared that you might tap and that defeat is nothing compared to what you have coming if you do not embrace the KeepItPlayful movement.”

The term KeepItPlayful has taken on a life of its own, with people asking me what it means, what it has to do with Jiu Jitsu and how or if they can use it in their Jiu Jitsu game? You name it I’ve been asked and the truth is KeepItPlayful is not just a phrase it is a movement. I decided the best way to breakdown what it means would be to conduct an interview with this ‘movement’ and let it speak for itself.

Ryron: So, KeepItPlayful, how are you going to revolutionize my jiu-jitsu game?

KeepItPlayful: Have you ever felt like your jiu-jitsu lacks the flow of movement that is necessary to build proper reflexes and understanding?

Ryron: Yes, what…

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